About Me

A Mini story of my life. Not really long enough to be a biography, though.

For the best part of the last six years, I've been obsessed with computers and how they work. As you can see in the projects section below, I've done a bunch of different computery things. However, I think that most important and complex would arguably be the Operating System I made almost two years ago. I asked a question on the popular Q&A website Quora about my operating system, which you can see here, and it got 320,000 views. For me, getting 320,000 views on a simple question I asked was amazing, so I was encouraged to continue work on my operating system. 100 of the people who looked at my question went ahead and followed my page for it on GitHub, a website where programmers can share their projects, and together we made a pretty neat operating system in a couple of months. You can see the finished system here. Although other people helped with the code, I started the project and contibuted significantly more code than almost everyone else who helped. After my operating system, I have became more interested in microcontrollers and Home Automation.

My Projects

Some projects I have done. Click on any title to learn more.

Q Operating System

Q OS is a versatile operating system designed with the new features of 64 bit "long mode" CPU's in mind that focuses on making everything as simple as possible for the end user.


LightStage is a stratergy game I programmed in actionscript 3 where players deflect light into globes to fill them up and complete the level. Click on the title to go to the LightStage github page.

Multivariable Calculus

I created a python program that calculated the area under a three dimentional curve using multivariable intergral calculus. You can click the title above to download the code.


RockSolid is a mod for a currently unreleased indie game, Rock Bottom. It adds Electricity, Machines, Liquids, Gas and much more content to the game. It's programmed in Java 8 and is currently still in development.

Python Calculators

This section is pretty big, but I have made a bunch of different python based calculator programs to solve problems in Math and Science that let me finish my schoolwork really fast.

Q Programming Langauge

The Q Programming Language is a powerful and easy to read programming language with features from Assembly and C. I designed it to work well with Q Operating System.