Python Projects

Calculators and other stuff I have made with Python

Here is a grid of some Python programs I have made. You can click on the title of any of them to download the source code.

Pythagoras Theorem

This python program lets you calculate the perimeter and area of any triangle using Pythagoras Therum. I made it so I could finish my Math work faster and added a verbose output mode so I could still show my working out.

Times Tables Assistant

This is a simple program I made because I realised I wasn't good enough at my times tables. After making the app and using for an hour, I was much better at them and pretty satified with my program.

Python Calculator

When my computer's calculator didn't want to load, I created this one in Python that supports square roots, Pi, and much, much more. Click the title to download the code.

Integral Calculus

This is a nice program that lets you calculate defnite intergral values in a curve (the area under the X intercept of a graph). I made it so that I could calculate these values faster.